Food Grade


The THRIVE® Lubricants line contains an extensive range of products from category NSF-H1/ H3 white oils to NSF-H1 specialty lubricants and greases. These offerings include white oil, canola- and PAO-based products that allow for long life across many applications.

THRIVE® product line can offer custom select products and solutions for traditional food grade applications like can seaming as well as non-traditional applications such as paper machine circulating systems.

Our product portfolio, combined with our commitment to machine and lubricant health, help us create solutions that will ensure the health of your manufacturing equipment, reduce unpredictable downtime, and extend the productive life of your machinery.

Hydraulic Fluids


  • Formulated with a superior ashless anti-wear package for complete AW protection
  • Formulations include white oil or bio-based base stocks

Synthetic Anti-Wear

  • PAO-based stocks grant superior service life and oxidative stability

Gear and Bearing Oils


  • White oil-based gear and bearing oils support versatile use in from light duty and moderate to EP services


  • PAO-based oil
  • Allows for high temperature service
  • Designed to tolerate regular operating temperatures in the realm of 180˚F

Maintenance Oils

White Oils

  • High-purity
  • Used in services that require crystal clear oil, such as spindle oil and light duty circulating oil systems

Air Tool Oils

  • Supports low temperature use and oxidative stability
  • Handles environments with high moisture conten

Compressor Oils

Synthetic Compressor Oils

  • Designed for use in rotary screw, vane and reciprocating air compressors/ vacuum pumps
  • Under proper conditions, can last up to 8.000+ hours

Synthetic Blower Oils

  • Can reduce operating temperatures while sustaining a 4,000-hour service rating

Ammonia Refrigeration Compression

  • Designed for closed-loop ammonia refrigeration systems


Premium Greases

  • Allow for high loading, similar to what is found in non-food grade industrial greases
  • Synthetic-based stocks provide a wide operating temperature range not found in conventionally-based greases
  • Select thickener types provide enhanced water resistance to better serve the food service industry

Miscellaneous Fluids

Paper Machine Oils

  • Extreme protection in harsh mill environments while allowing for NSF H1 acceptance

Can Seamer Oils

  • Products available for once through systems and recirculating systems
  • Provides excellent gear lubrication and protection

Chain Oils

  • Can decrease consumption of chain oil and extend chain life