Miscellaneous Industrial Fluids

We offer a variety of other fluids to better meet your needs. Contact our team to find a solution for your unique application.

Heat Transfer Oils

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High heating efficiency
  • High specific heat and thermal conductivity
  • Oxidation stability for minimized sludge and acid formation and extended product life
  • Low volatility to prevent pump cavitation

Paper Machine Oil

  • Advanced additive technology for proven performance
  • Superior filterability for reduced deposits and lower filter replacement costs
  • Excellent water separability
  • Superior wear protection and oxidation control
  • Lower maintenance and longer equipment life

Steam Cylinder Oils

  • Excellent wear protection
  • Ready separation from condensate
  • Resistant to deposit formation at high temperatures

Bar & Chain Oils

  • Lower cutting chain temperature
  • Chain teeth remain sharper longer
  • Protects guide bar and chain against rust
  • Contain tackiness additives for better retention of oil on chain, bar and drive sprockets
  • Effective anti-wear agents for reduced wear in critical areas and extended saw and chain life
  • Special additives for reduced pitch build-up on chain and drive sprocket and less maintenance and down time

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