Forming, Casting and Quench Lubricants

Forming and Casting Lubricants

  • Concrete Form Release formulations both water and solvent based designed to minimize part defect by reducing aspersions in the finished product
  • Formulations available to meet environmental, health and safety goals.
  • Forging Compounds Graphite containing compounds that allow for good dispersion on the part well as a consistent film with each impact.
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures.
  • Heading Fluid Products designed for steel, brass, and aluminum alloys.
  • Natural Ester base oils used to aid in metal deformation.

Quench Lubricants

  • Specialty products designed for conventional and hot oil quenching.
  • Formulated with thermally stable base oils blended with oxidation inhibitors and speed enhancers to optimize quench speed and control degradation.
  • Products that are designed to effectively cool steel to the austenite or martensite transformation zone for proper finished hardness and provide superior service when uniform heat dissipation is needed for quality hardened metal.

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