It’s Your Time to Thrive®

THRIVE Lubricants, one of the highest quality comprehensive lubricant lines available.


THRIVE® lubricants is one of the most comprehensive lines on the market, with mobile and
stationary applications in several industries:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Marine
  • Railroad

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“We had it actually sent out for testing, verified with the lab, and it performs as well and actually better than some of the name brand oils that everyone is familiar with.”

— Conrad Knipp Burnett Automotive


THRIVE® is one of the highest quality, premium, and passenger car lubricant product lines. THRIVE® Engine Oils and Transmission Fluids use an advanced passenger car technology designed to meet the needs of today’s modern gasoline engines.

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THRIVE® brand heavy duty lubricants for mobile and stationary equipment in several industries including Agricultural, Construction, Forestry, Mining, Military, and Marine.

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Whether you need a solution for a large or small plant, manufacturing, food processing, paper mills, foundry operations, or machining centers, our THRIVE® brand lubricants are customized to fit your application.

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THRIVE® brand metalworking lubricants are for nearly every machining operation and metalworking application. Our product line includes everything from spindle oils and way lubes to extreme pressure anti-wear and Factory Mutual-approved fire resistant lubricants to greases, compressor oils, and much more.

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The THRIVE® lubricants line contains an extensive range of products from category NSF-H1/h2 white oils to NSF-H1 specialty lubricants and greases. These offerings include white oil, canola- and PAO-based products that allow for long life across many applications.

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Keep Your Equipment Working

Our customized solutions ensure the health of manufacturing equipment, reduce unpredictable downtime, and extend the productive life of machinery.